Living a (largely) Plastic Free Life

We started on 1st January 2016 to try and live a life with as little plastic in it as possible. This was in all honesty a whim that came out of no-where. Since then we have done hours of research and have learnt all about the alternatives there are to plastic that make living largely plastic free fairly simple.

Over the last year and a bit we have awakened to the realisation that the way we consume plastic is unsustainable and slowly wrecking our environment. Unfortunately for us, we can never “un-see” this reality.

We aren’t perfect, and often get it wrong. And sometimes we still buy plastic. This blog tries to be as honest as possible. We share our fails as well as our excitement at discovering new plastic-free options. We share our frustrations and hopefully encourage anyone who visits to think about what one thing could they alter in their life to make it a little greener.

Who are we? 

The main writer of the blog is Claire Maxwell, a student minister in training for the Moravian Church. Her interests include running, eating cake and drinking beer with friends. Her supportive (albeit reluctantly at the start) plastic-forgoer is her partner-in-life/crime Steve. When not at work, Steve is often engaged in politics, painting or otherwise playing a long complicated game with friends. Steve and Claire currently reside not too far from Derby in the U.K.


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