Plastic Free Toothpaste with Fluoride – Guest Post

Today’s post is brought to you by Jen Sloan: 

My family and I have recently decided to make more of an effort at cutting down plastic. We have made a promise to ourselves that when the current bottles in the bathroom are finished, we won’t replace them.

When I asked for advice and recommendations on Facebook, the one real sticking point seemed to be toothpaste. Those that had tried plastic free options didn’t like the taste or texture, and more importantly, there was no option available which contained fluoride, which the majority of people agreed was necessary. Disappointed, we accepted that toothpaste would have to come in plastic-containing tubes.

Until I discovered who stock something called Denttabs – little solid tablets of toothpaste, packaged in 1 month or 6 month supply boxes. Most importantly, they contained fluoride! So I ordered a test pack of 1 month’s supply.

Anything but plastic – as it arrived.
Jen Sloan Copyright

They arrived quickly, in totally plastic free packaging, and we started using them that evening. I really like them! You simply pop a Denttab in your mouth and chew it a little until it turns to a kind of paste, then brush as normal. Fuss free. It has a mild minty taste, with a bit of a zing from the citric acid. They are a bit of a funny texture, but not unpleasant. Each tablet contains the same amount of fluoride as 1g of adult toothpaste.

The challenge for me was how to help the kids use them – it’s hard to explain to a 3 or 5 year old not to eat something that looks and tastes like a mint. We decided to try crushing the tablet with a bit of water, and after the first very runny fail, realised it needs just a couple of drops of water and a bit of crushing/waiting to make it into a usable powdery paste. We share one Denttab between the 2 kids, which is equivalent to the pea-sized amount of toothpaste they should have at this age.

The runny fail
Copyright Jen Sloan
The right amount of water
Copyright Jen Sloan

There is lots of information on about the Denttabs. She buys them wholesale in large quantities (unfortunately this large pack does include plastic, though they are investigating non plastic packaging) and then packages them plastic free.

We love them in our family, and my 5 year old is particularly proud that she is doing her bit to save the oceans from all that waste plastic.



Happy Smile 🙂
Copyright Jen Sloan



Can I just say a BIG thank you to Jen and the Sloan family for finding these amazing toothpastes and for doing a review for this blog. I am definitely learning from them and will be purchasing ASAP!



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