Having a Summer off Plastic-Free Food

This last Friday we hit a crunch point as I eyed up summer fruits and craved their freshness …but they were covered in plastic.

Thus followed a discussion with my husband as we thought had long we’d done this plastic free living (around 2.5 years) and how it has formed so much of our good habits and lifestyles. We aren’t perfect but it has made us eat better (for the large part). It has undoubtedly reduced our waste. It has connected us to the wider world as we’ve learnt all about the damage plastic is doing.

But this summer we’re reconnecting with some foods we’ve just not eaten for a long time or very infrequently. And it starts with summer fruits and yogurt.

So why now?

Well, when we looked ahead we have a busy summer coming up. We’re moving house, have friends visiting and visiting friends. I’m in the middle of writing up a dissertation. In August we’re away in other countries, hopefully trying some of their delicious food. We also really want to use our wedding recipe book which for the last 2.5 years has pretty much had to be put to one side as so much of the food stuff needed to cook it is in plastic. This summer we want to take a moment to use this book and to genuinely remind us of the other foods still in plastic. Come September we plan to re-start our plastic free diet but hopefully have built up a list of foods we want to source plastic free / write about because we want them plastic free, as 2.5 years in we’ve kinda forgotten what we used to eat.

What about everything else – are we giving up on living without plastic entirely?

No, simply put. We’re still aiming to not buy plastic for all other areas from drinks through to bathroom etc etc…. It’s mainly food we’ve missed and forgotten what it is that we’re missing and we want to remind ourselves.

Will it be a guilt free summer. No, but I have to remember how much we’re trying to do still. I hope it will help us re-look into what comes next. How we keep looking to change the issues around plastic when it comes to food so that everyone can do a lot more. Not just people like us who at the moment can afford to and chose to, albeit reducing our diets because of it.

Peace and love – and go go all those warriors who’ve started a plastic free life this Year – you are making a difference 😀



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