Christmas – dealing with that wrapping paper!

wrappingSo maybe you are someone who managed this year to do some plastic free wrapping (yay go you!). For those of you who have never thought of that being an option, for future info – some ideas include wrapping things in tea towels, bags, as well as exploring new forms of wrapping paper that are coming out (paper based as opposed to ones with a plastic coating on it!). String is always a good option rather than cellotape and again there are non plastic cellotape-inspired options out there. Beeswax is another option…and am sure there are even more!

In our house we have (finally) used up the last of our cellotape in our wrapping (not ideal but it had to be done). This year we have gone for plastic-free but still Christmas themed wrapping paper. The rest of the year we tend towards other forms of wrapping but decided we wanted to give our gifts this year in a more traditional flavour.

But after Christmas there is always the over-flow of leftover Christmas paper so what to do with it!

Well, you could re-use it (if it isn’t too damaged). (You know that member of your family who you may have called ‘Scrooge’ in the past might have been onto a good thing!)

You might re-cycle it.  If you go for this option be careful. Cellotape (traditional clear stuff) isn’t really recyclable (so take care to take this off before adding it to the correct bin). Also, if your wrapping paper has a shiny glow to it/ has gold shiny printing on it, it probably isn’t really recyclable – you are best investing in the most matt-looking stuff for future reference.

If stuff has to end up in landfill, make a conscious decision in the future to buy better paper and perhaps encourage those who give you gifts to look at other options. Conversation is key for encouraging a change in lifestyles and the good news is that it is a whole 364 days before the next Christmas day so plenty of time to start those conversations!



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