Plastic Free Loo Roll

I have wanted to give this loo roll a go for a while. I was first notified of its existence by several friends who knew I was trying to live a plastic free lifestyle. And with the inspiring name “Who Gives a Crap”  I had to ask myself what wasn’t there to gain by trying them?


Well, they arrived around a week ago- all 24 of them and I have to say they are making my bathroom somewhat brighter. With the added bonus of being able to re-use the paper to wrap presents in. And they are pretty soft too. My verdict: A good buy.

What exactly is in these loo rolls? 

That depends a little on what you buy.

Some loo rolls are made up of  100% post-consumer waste paper (things like text books, work books, office paper, etc

Another type is made  up of 100% bamboo toilet paper. They chose this because they believe it is a “sustainable option as it’s naturally fast growing and rapidly renewable. ” They also note that it “uses far less water than trees, produces more oxygen, and doesn’t require herbicides. If cultivated properly, it doesn’t even need replanting”.

We went for the bamboo ones this time. Next time I plan to try the 100% post-consumer waste to feel the difference 😉

How far is it coming? 

The loo roll themselves is being produced in China but they are keen to add that “containers of stock” have been placed “in the south of England and are distributing from there” for all of the U.K. and Europe.

Is it completely plastic free? 

To their credit most of it is. The only bit of plastic was on the packaging tape (you can see if on the images if you look closely). I am sending them an e-mail to see if they will consider alternative tape as this is an easy switch. Overall though, this is an easy-to-do switch option for toilet roll (although there are other – see earlier blog post). In fact it maybe an easy swap for those who are a family/ go through loo roll quite quickly and is a much needed to know about source for those having a go at Plastic Free July. As an added bonus a lot of their profits goes charities (one of which is WaterAid) who are working to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in various countries across the world.



Sources – great source for all information and chance to order


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