Buying Plastic when trying not to…

It has been a while since we have bought plastic for any of our food. But yesterday we did, partly through lack of communication (phones aren’t always heard) and partly through lack of choice, something I will come back to.

So what exactly did we buy? 

Well as you can see we bought some plastic-wrapped cheese and some plastic wrapped mushrooms. We are having 4 friends to stay and this is for their Friday and Saturday meal.

We also got a few tins of chickpeas and lentils (tins have some plastic in – see earlier blog for details) because we haven’t been able to source pulses without plastic for several months and every now and again you do need them.


At this point I want to point out how much we still got without plastic. Happy colours too 😀 so it was not a complete disaster!


So how did this happen? 

Well, as I said earlier, it came partly through a lack of communication and partly through a lack of choice when we had a limited time. Our lack of pulses is an ongoing problem in our diet. We finally got to the end of our lentils. We went to re-stock at the shop we knew you could get them plastic free they no longer stocked them. Therefore, any ideas of where to get plastic free, preferably dried pulses in the Derby/ Leicester area is gratefully received! Our lack of access to plastic-free pulses is getting close to us sourcing a large bag of dried pulses in plastic to just stop buying tins…

The vegetables and cheese are something we can easily change. It simply involves a little more organisation (our end).  However, it should not be that hard to buy vegetables (particularly) and cheese wrapped not in plastic in a standard supermarket. So today, I will be writing to Asda (where we bought this week’s shop) today to chat with them about this.

The importance of communicating alongside boycotting a product is something I have to keep reminding myself. A conversation with a friend recently revolved around what is more affective: Trying to give plastic up completely or buying the stuff and unwrapping IT all at the till. TBH I think both are valid but probably need to be worked alongside other methods. I wonder what you think?

Has anyone consistently unwrapped all their plastic at the till and how has that worked out for you?









  1. Out mutual friend Louise passed on your blog and it’s good to see how you make choices based on time and other resources. I shall read more and see what more I can do.


  2. I spent many months unwrapping all the plastic from fruit and vegetables at the entrance to Morrisons,in full view of staff and security,and stuffing the plastic into their bin Just inside the store.This was a weekly occurrence on busy Saturday mornings.This was some twelve years ago.Nobody ever asked me what I was doing or why.I am seriously considering repeating the process to see whether attitudes have changed.I might as well have been invisible in those days;maybe less so now!


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