A New Deodorant – Reducing Plastic

So, I have waited a while to write this blog because I wanted to give it a fair and accurate review. My last plastic free adventures into deodorant worked for a while (see an earlier blog on Deodorants if you are after completely plastic free) but then I developed an allergic reaction to Bi-Carb which was AWFUL. It turns out, incidentally, that this is not uncommon. Unfortunately, this led to me returning to “normal” deodorant which wasn’t great but was a helpful stop-gap to give my armpits a break and to reassess.

And the stop-gap, of around 6 months produced happy pits. However, I also had a marked increase in plastic entering my life, with an average deodorant stick lasting 2 months (which isn’t awful but still adds up).

So around 7 weeks ago now I did another search for an alternative deodorant.  I was particularly keen on limiting the amount of plastic and also reducing the amount of aluminium (as from the little research I have read the case for and against aluminium in deodorants is mixed).  Finding a plastic-free deodorant that worked and was produced locally was a challenge. I did have a conversation with one guy in Australia as he looked like he had produced a wonderful non-bicarb deodorant but we both agreed shipping it from the other end of the world probably undoes a lot of good I am aiming to do for the planet. Plus his product looked like it would d need to be bought with the same regularity of a normal deodorant (every couple of month). And then I found this:

Salt of the earth
I bought mine off Amazon (other retailers are available)


Now Steve (my husband) and I have been wearing this deodorant for around 6 weeks now and neither of us have any complaints. It works – which is great for us (and our friends). It does not sting unless put on straight after shaving ( like most deodorants which aren’t moisturising focused) but other than this it is a pain free deodorant experience which leaves us feeling clean all day.

Now, I know from chatting with another friend it hasn’t worked for him, which I guess proves that all bodies are indeed unique. Yet, from our perspective this is worth the investment (and less than £6 too). The best bit is that our deodorants look like they have been unused – 6 weeks later. In fact I would not be surprised if these last us around a year, maybe longer, as they just aren’t visibly reducing down despite daily use. One tip of keeping them in this condition is to dry them with a towel after each use – which is pretty easy to do.

Indeed, to use this salt deodorant is pretty simple – you just add water or roll on wet armpits – job done. The one we purchased has no smell (which suits us) but you can get similar ones out there which have perfumes attached – I guess it depends on your preference.

I can whole-heartedly recommend this deodorant from a female and male perspective. Steve’s comment was “it does the job, doesn’t it”.

Happy seeking out ways to reduce your plastic 🙂 Remember, every little counts… we can all help stop this issue growing:

plastic in sea
Image from https://brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/2017/02/23/a-plastic-ocean/ – taken from Documentary available on Netflix called “A Plastic Ocean” – worth a watch.




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