Christmas and 2017….

It is that time of year again…

The time of year when we celebrate Christmas!!! For many of us this involves overindulging in lots of rich food, alcohol and present buying. It has to be said we in the Maxwell household are the same – we love Christmas for lots of reasons. It is the time of year when friends and families gather, when we celebrate Jesus coming to earth and when, for once, it is totally socially acceptable to eat as much chocolate as you want. What is not to love?!?

However, it is not the easiest time of year to go plastic free and if we are being honest we haven’t totally managed it. We have done 90% O.K. with present wrapping (see the last blog). However, some of our presents are plastic ones (a lot aren’t but some are), we are maybe only around 70%-75% plastic free. However, the ones that are plastic, are intended for long term use and in some, but not all cases, second hand. Also, we have done a lot of switching this year – trying to find “experience” gifts for our nearest and dearest or at least buying something that is not just for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then never again. In this sense going plastic-free has really influenced our buying and has involved some more considered gift buying which has been fun.

We have also done pretty well with our food in the last month – managing to avoid buying plastic extras that can creep in (we haven’t a celebration box in sight). However, again we are away and buying completely plastic free isn’t easy when away from where you usually buy food. Although we have still managed to get loose veg wrapped up in our plastic free bags, we have ended up buying some plastic wrapped spinach and some rice.

All-in-all this Christmas we aren’t 100% plastic free and probably couldn’t have managed to be right now due to the friends we buy for and the fact we want to give appropriate gifts. However, we are still trying and we plan to keep trying; come January 1st 2017 we will not be stopping our plastic free living. We will be keeping going with a few minor adjustments and we hope you will keep going with us too. Our aim is still to try and be as plastic free as possible.

Our adjustments will be:

  • Claire – Face wash and moisturiser(it is in recyclable plastic and I plan to keep in dialogue with them)
  • Steve – DVDs and occasional soda cans.
  • The House – some Tin Cans ( this is due to us being slightly lazy but loving baked beans). However, we hope to keep this still very reduced.
  • Any work our car needs (this is sadly, for now, a non-negotiable due to our jobs).

These may seem minor adjustments but these are the things we have each missed the most and we figured it is about trying to keep this lifestyle as feasible as possible – whilst constantly re-evaluating what is important to us (it’s ironic but who thought baked beans would be so missed) alongside our commitment to try and be mindful about our contribution our lives have to either destroying or preserving this planet.

We just want to thank you for sharing our 2016 journey with us. We have had over 2,000 individual visitors read our blog over the year with close to 4,000 views. Most excitingly is that readers have shown interest in living a plastic-free life in all of these countries: Nigeria, Denmark, Uganda, Malta, Mexico, Estonia, India, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Philippians, Croatia, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Norway, Poland, Paraguay, Turks & Caicos Islands, Hungary, Netherlands, Swaziland, Austria, Kenya, Ireland, Bulgaria, New Zealand, France, Peru, Spain, Bolivia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia, United States, Finland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This, for us, is the most exciting thing to have noticed as surely this is a great sign of hope – people from all over the world are interested in caring for this planet we all share. Thank you for blessing us with this realisation that people all over do care about how they live their lives and we ask that you keep journeying with us as we move forward into the next year trying to limit our plastic and be consistent in our belief that we each can make a difference in reducing our use of plastic and holding companies accountable for the resources they create.


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