Cleaning a Shower Drain the Plastic-Free Way

So, since we have moved we have gone from a bathroom with a bath and a shower overhead to just a stand-up shower. Never before have we had any drainage problems but 5 months into being here our drains started to rebel (largely because one of this house’s two occupants has long hair). So we needed a plastic-free solution that worked in clearing our drains.

It took me a while to land on the right solution to clear our drains effectively. I spent a time mixing bi-carb and vinegar solution. Just bi-carb and each time to no avail. We ended up just stood in our own water as we showered which although not exactly awful isn’t exactly ideal when your aim is to enjoy the shower. I want to add at this point it wasn’t a “time issue” either. One of us takes around 5 minutes to shower, the other can be a fair bit longer but we both ended up with pool of “gradually getting cold water” a.k.a. The pool of doom.

In the end google provided the answer and it is rather simple (and we came rather close).

To do this effectively you will need:

1 kettle (and a tap)

Bi-carb (¾  cups worth)

Apple Cider Vinegar ( 1 cups worth)

Firstly pour boiling water down your plug hole. We used half a kettle’s worth but basically the more the merrier.

Then add in all of your bi-carb. It should start to fizz.

Leave for around 3-5 minutes.

Then pour down the Apple Cider Vinegar. Again it should fizz but possibly froth more (or so we found). Leave for 3 minutes

Then pour the rest of your boiling/v hot water.



This did actually work for us (to a great relief). If it doesn’t the first time I would recommend a second go (as I suspect it depends on how big the blockage it). If not having chatted to someone else who tries to go green on cleaning products it might be worth trying to release the blockage with a wire coat hanger (but be careful when doing this as I haven’t tried it and you will need to be carefully not to damage your drain).

Anyone else found a helpful plug unblocker solution that is plastic free?



  1. Well done!

    I’d also recommend something to catch the hair in the neck of the drain. Most are plastic but think you should be able to source a rubber or metal “trap”


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