So, this blog has been long in the making and I apologise for the infrequency of blogs. Life has been busy but I did make ICECREAM without any 2016 bought throw-away plastic a few weeks back. And it was good.

So, the first things to know is that I do own an ice-cream maker. I have for a while now – it was an engagement present from my Auntie and Uncle. I understand though that you can make ice-cream from scratch without one, it just makes it a whole lot easier to have one.

I basically did this method:

Heat Milk (from a glass bottle) – I used 1.5 pints

¾ cup of sugar (in paper)

Then I added some cocoa powder (ours is left-over Bournville we are still using up, but you can buy cocoa online easily without plastic on it). As my husband loves chocolate icecream.

(Note I didn’t add cream – this would have been lovely to do as it would have made it thicker but so far we haven’t found plastic free cream).

Once everything had been dissolved I add in 2 tablespoons of olive oil – for some reason I thought this might emulate cream (it didn’t and I wouldn’t bother doing it in the future).


We left it to cool covered for around 2-3 hours and then popped it in our pre-chilled ice-cream bowl. This bowl was then put back into the ice cream machine and we left  it do its thing (it has a set time so no thinking required).

The result was ice cream which tasted rather like the milk lollipops we had as kids because they are made of pretty similar stuff – no added cream does make the ice cream more ‘ice’ than ‘cream’ (funny that) but is still pretty tasty.

First photo shows it after it has been frozen in our fridge for a couple of days. The second image is us eating it 🙂 

Anyone who knows of where to get source cream without plastic please do let us know as we are kind keen to try adding it in to taste the difference. One thought adding in a couple of dollops of homemade yogurt might make it taste slightly ‘creamier’ too. However, we have stopped making ours as we couldn’t get through it in time and it was getting runnier.

All in all though not bad.

If making Ice cream is too much for you – and we totally get this, there are ice-creams out there (of sorts) that come in cardboard. We rather like the cornettos from the co-op (though other brands are available) .



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