Homemade yogurt – a success!

So, this blog post really must first acknowledge this other blog post as it is where I first learnt how to make yogurt without the need of a yogurt maker!

This is the blog post I used: http://trinaholden.com/easiest-yogurt-recipe-ever/

What’s great is it seemed foolproof. I have met several people who have made their own yogurt – some using flasks, other yogurt machines. My concern was two fold. Firstly, I didn’t trust myself somehow – I was worried that without a yogurt machine I might make myself ill. Secondly that I would end up buying a yogurt maker which would mean buying plastic. This would not have been bad (as I would be reusing the plastic at least) but not ideal with our aim to be as plastic free as possible. This blog made it possible and second batch in I am happy.

For our first patch I had to buy a live yogurt. I chose a fairly thick yogurt. Fage Total is the brand I used. This did involve buying plastic but it was necessary for the first batch. We are now re-using the packaging as our indoor compost bin before we take it outside to our “real” compost bin, so it has not ended up being recycled but reused for now.

I then followed the instructions pretty similarly. One difference was that I did was and sterilise the glass kilner jar in the oven (probably not needed as she says because the milk is so hot but I want to be extra careful). I then heated the milk on the stove (actually a little too much on the first batch as it boiled over but weirdly still worked! So if this happens to you go for it as it seems to not be a problem).

Next after pouring the very very hot milk into the kilner jar I waited for it to cool. For one pint (or just under having lost some for boiling over) this did not take very long – maybe 5 minutes (I placed it in cold water each time). The last batch was made with 1.5 pints and took around 10-15 minutes for it too cool to “touching temperature” which is when you add in the old “live” yogurt.

For the first batch of 1 pint I added in around 3 tablespoons of bought yogurt into it, folding gently. For the second batch of 1.5 pints I added in around ⅕ – ¼ of the kilner jar into it pouring it in. The second batch is definitely thinner but still recognisably Greek Yogurt. I am hoping to never have to buy Greek Yogurt again but may have to “top” the thickness up it appears as I learnt in a conversation with my new supervisor this morning (who makes his own yoghurt). We shall see and I will let you know if and when this happens*

I was most worried about just leaving it in “hottest tap water” for 8 hours. Worried because it seemed too simple. I needn’t have worried it has worked both time, although I think as the original blogger notes it only works if you have a large enough amount of yogurt (and I would add) in a wide enough jar. I am using a 1 litre kilner jar wherever it comes up to and this seems to be working. I am thrilled it has worked and just really hope to continue this as a form of breakfast/ snack, all of course coming from milkman brought glass milk.

For the visual learners this is a picture story of what I did:


  1. Glass Jar is cleaned. 2. Milk boiled. 3. Milk cooled, yogurt added lid closed and placed in “hottest tap water”. 4. Yogurt – been in the fridge overnight and stirred together. 5. Eaten for breakfast with bit of jam (if you add more of this in it becomes a flavoured yogurt) and oats.


*I actually stopped making yoghurt after around a month as I realised it just got too runny and would have to keep re-buying a yoghurt to start off the process. If anyone has come up with an alternative way of making yoghurt sustainably let me know! Thanks

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