Growing Veg – starts here…

Today is a good day. Today I accidentally discovered I had grown some potatoes. Before I left for my 5 weeks away I had planted in pots various different vegetables. Today was the day I finally put these plants out of pots and into the soil.


Yesterday I started the process by digging up a patch of our lawn. For me this is something I have wanted to do for a long time but I have been kinda daunted. Partially because we have inherited a real gardeners garden – it is a gorgeous typical English countryside cottage garden which as a non gardener is a dream but also feels quite a responsibility. Tomorrow I plan to tackle the weeds which have grown so fast (despite Steve doing his best) in the last five week. I have also been daunted because this garden has a beautiful lawn that was kept well for us by the church whilst no-one lived here. But finally, yesterday, having arrived home from my travels I decided it was now the time. I needed a veg patch.

It was undeniably a work out. I went to bed exhausted but feeling excited about finally planting out the beetroot, beans, cauliflower and onions today. (Big thanks to my parents for keeping the beans and beetroot going whilst I was away). And as you can see in the image below I did it – I planted them all into my small plot of soil.

The wool is supposed to stop slugs…I have not gone mad!

I then went back round and looked at the plants in pots that seem to have failed. I was making a mental note about re-using the soil for starting off new plants next week when I suddenly thought I had two potato plants before I left that were doing well, they hadn’t flowered yet but they were growing strong. So, I started to dig through the pots and discovered these:

image2 (17).JPG

Now these are not a patch on our friend Tom’s potatoes but for plants grown out of one pot I am pretty pleased. As you can see one potato has gone off (live and learn) but we have a handful of small potatoes which will do nicely in a salad. It’s a small haul but a beginning. Part of going non plastic will be greatly made easier the more food we can grow ourselves. It all has to start somewhere and I am honestly pretty thrilled to begin with these few potatoes. Hopefully in a few weeks we may have a few more home grown vegetables…maybe one day even enough to share out.


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