White Bathrooms and sparkling sinks

Cleaning is never fun (O.K. for most people it is never fun – I know one person who loves it). Trying to do it with the same ease, cleanliness level that produces the same look with non-plastic products is never easy. Here are a few tips I just want to share with you that have really helped me 🙂 

So I had the wonderful Emily visit a few weeks back and she shared this little one with me. Emily works in a cafe and it has to be said is trying to reduce her plastic intake in little ways. This one though is a gem for those who get mad at marks on their sinks/ silver surfaces like oven tops and is rather pleasingly simple.

Sparkling Sinks Recipie

  1. Get vinegar (we have brown in so I use this) squirt around on surfaces and then wipe clean. You could leave it here but if you like it to stay clean a little longer do this second stage.
  2. Get out your olive oil/sunflower oil Just add a few drops to the surface and massage in. Simple but effective in creating a slight layer of protection at least for a few uses.

I forgot to take a photo – my bad….but try it and share your photo success with me 🙂 

Making White Bathrooms White

Before our old bathroom suite was not white. I didn’t realise how much of a blessing this was until I moved home since ditching the plastic. Suddenly I was getting frustrated that no matter how much I cleaned the bathroom with diluted vinegar it didn’t look shiny. A quick internet search later and here is the tip I have been using and loving for the last few weeks.

  1. Put onto surface of sink/ bathroom/shower/toilet ect. A squirt of washing up liquid.
  2. Now add in bi-carb of soda.
  3. Now, without adding any water scrub the two together over the area. We use a body scrub to do our scrubbing with.
  4. Now wash clean and dry with toilet roll/ whatever you use.

Ta-da you should now be the proud owner of a white.

(Before and After)


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