So, we have lived here in our new location nearly two months and how time has flown. Since then our plastic free lives have continued with some tricky moments but largely rather successfully 🙂 We have had fish and chips take out from “Our Plaice” in Borrowash which was all wrapped in non-plastic (perfect for those evening when cooking is too much). However, we were still struggling to find a supplier of some more basic supplies.

Until a couple of weeks ago I discovered this amazing shop – in Derby city centre, not far from either the bus station or the market (where you can easily get lots of plastic-free fruit and veg). I was so excited. To get to it you just get dropped off the stop before the end stop at the bus station!

image1 (17)

image2 (10)

Not only could we find out supply of toilet paper brand but we also found some of these gems:

image5 (2)
Apologies for this image being upside down – but Degradable Freezer Bags 🙂
image4 (1)
We already had the brush but now we have found an easy replacement head! Winning – and just in time 🙂 
image3 (6)
Plastic Free Cucumber!!

This shop has a good range of things a shop in Sheffield Called Beanies has including egg-free mayo (for all my vegan plastic free folks out there). Toothbrushes that are made from bamboo. However it also does plastic free nappies (some of my friends will find this exciting).

The ultimate moment for me was the plastic free cucumber! So good to eat and enjoy – the first this year we have managed to find that is plastic free. Chatting to the person on the till she said this is in often so hopefully this means that cucumber will once again appear in our home 🙂

Moving has been relatively easy. We have been blessed by a nice area, friends who are nearby and a good community around us. This shop has been just another blessing and one I hope is helpful to others who are living / passing through the area. I believe there is a cafe next door too which is related to this shop 🙂 One to enjoy very soon.


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  1. Great news-especially about the cucumber and freezer bags!Who wants to eat hermetically-sealed cucumbers ?No flavour,whereas naked cucumbers are something else altogether!


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