Deodorant Issues

So we have moved to a hard water area and since moving I have had serious issues with my standard bi-carb deodorant. I have used this with a base smell since very early on of living no plastic with very few problems – the occasional too much bi-carb under the pits sting but no big issues.

Four weeks ago we moved and the water changed. My hair likes it – it curls more although it is feeling more and more like rope everyday. My skins hates it. My armpits using a bi-carb based deodorant have become rash central. So I switched.

First of all I switched to a homemade version. Coconut oil, bit of bi-carb (but not pure like before) with some vanilla essence. It smelt amazing and I really wanted it to work. It worked O.K. as a deodorant – not as effective – lasted around 10 hours rather than closer to 24 hours which I had become used with just pure bi-carb. But the rash did not disappear. I was even putting on pure coconut oil at night on my underarms to try and calm the skin (which seemed to be working slightly). However, the rash never went.


Next I ordered Hippy Paste in Mint.

Very cool company – check them out using the link below (Source of Image)

I really wanted this to work – I love the ethics of the company and their product has really good reviews. And it definitely hurt less than my homemade version but it still hurt. My rash was still there and each day it stung more throughout the day. I tried days without deodorant and then came back to this deodorant as I really like it.  It works quite well (again the ten hour window) and smells great (subtle mint – who wouldn’t like this, my arms smell as good as minty breathe from toothpaste). But it got to my sister’s graduation. A day I should have been able to enjoy totally and I largely did – my sister looked great (well she looked like she had come out of a Harry Potter Movie) and we as a family are incredibly proud of her and were overwhelmed by the care the lecturers and university showed to each of its sutdents . However, my armpits stung ALL DAY LONG; this was not O.K.

I told my sister and she said I need to take a break from the deodorant. She has kindly left me her Dove deodorant (plastic wrapped) as she knows how much I don’t want to buy plastic…even though this isn’t a long term solution.  Just over a week later I have no rash, no stinging armpits but I am back on plastic-wrapped deodorants which is not what I want. I was giving this up for a year and just over 6 months in my armpits are rebelling.

So I have a quandry… I am wanting to try the hippy paste in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that after the break my armpits may cope better with this hippy paste even with bi-carb but if not I am really running out of ideas. Crystals is the only thing I haven’t tried (and I am unsure of these as there seems to be a lot of mixed information out there). I feel it is the water change that has caused the issue but can’t prove it. The internet research I have tried to do seems very unclear – some people claim bi-carb is too strong to use on armpits, others claim it is not that that causes a rash.

I am hoping other non-plastic folks/ people who make their own deodorants have any idea what to do as I am at a complete loss. Until I moved I was having very little issues with pure bi-carb. Now it feels like even any bi-carb is of no use. Help!




  1. I use crystal deodorant, I find it works really well though I’ve never found one not in plastic. However as they last far longer than standard roll ons I think it helps to reduce plastic.

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  2. I had one once that I think was basically a block of salt with a few other things added. It was called Salt of the Earth. It came with a plastic base and case but as it was so simple I’m pretty sure you could either make or buy the thing on its own not marketed as a deodorant, maybe minus a few ingredients. It worked for me although stung a little after shaving. The down side was that after a while the top became glassy smooth and I didn’t feel I was getting much out of it anymore. Could probably have just gone over it with some sand paper or something though.


  3. Lush also do a range of different deodorants. I’ve been using T’EO for the last few months which usefully comes with no packaging. I found that going from using roll on deodorants to natural ones it does take a while for your body to adjust to not have antiperspirant. I would say the T’EO is okay but not amazing, and I’m planning on when it runs out on buying Aramaco which is another solid deodorant.


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