The Rice Issue

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So, until recently I bought rice from a lovely man on Sheffield Moor Market. However, since moving I have yet to be able to source rice that is not in plastic with any ease at all. Now it is not that the Maxwell household consumes significant amounts of rice (at least I hope we don’t!) but alongside home-made pasta and chips (usually the sweet potato variety as they are just nicer), mash and potatoes we like our rice. Usually with a good veggie curry. We kinda need rice.

Therefore, as you can imagine, I have been doing some research. And plastic-free rice is out there for us all to find. It just depends how much you want to buy and if you are happy buying rice not in person but over the internet. Ideally, I prefer a person (I like conversation for one) but in reality we are coming to the conclusion that rice may soon be disappearing from our lives as we cannot find it in bike-able distance and currently even car (reasonable distance).

So I figured I cannot be alone in this problem so I thought I would share a few links with you. (Ebay and Amazon are options too but I figured I would leave them off as they are a host of different suppliers!).

Standard Rice – This has rice available at 1kg (as well as it available at 500g amounts) and you seem able to ask for it to be delivered without plastic as a request (from the looks of the product customisation box, although I have not as yet tried this). You might be worried about Air miles though as it is not coming from Britain (although no rice is really). But is just a thought. £2.91 per kg pre post and packaging seems not too bad a starting price either. Although with my package and postage it rises up to £5.10 per kg, but it does come in some ways in the most manageable storage size. – This seems a lot of rice even for us and I do have some concerns about storage. We live in a lovely house but there is not lots of excess room. However, I am seriously considering this for a buy in the future if we are still struggling to find rice. It comes in at just over £1.43 per kg pre post and packaging which is not too bad and maybe useful for families as it seems fairly reasonable financially. With postage for us it comes to £1.70 per kg which is still pretty decent. Costco unsurprisingly has a lot of different types of rice available at various reasonable prices ranging from £0.9 per kg to £1.65 of their non-plastic variety. I am less keen on Costco but their prices are tempting and there is one near us but the membership puts me off slightly (you have to take in things like pay slips and pay to join for the access to the supply). 

Paella / Risotto Rice Ocado do a Paella Rice that comes in a cotton sack (win). Although it is expensive at £3.25 for 500g (so £6.50 for 1kg). But it is good to know it is out there for the future. For now we are just after plain old rice as we tend to make do and use it for Paellas and Risotto. But a good one to know about for if we ever want to make a proper version.

Hopes, Dreams and Aims

I am still hoping to source rice but if I can’t find it by Monday I will be purchasing online. We in the Maxwell Household would love Tilda to look at producing rice in non plastic packaging as in so many other ways they seem so ethical (so if anyone wants to join us in writing to them/ tweeting them please do!). Similarly, Uncle Ben’s (though expensive) gets very close to plastic free packaging so maybe a quick tweet/email/letter to them asking them why they have a small plastic window on an otherwise cardboard box would be fab. Purchasing power can make a change. As we learnt today from the Referendum every person has a voice. Let’s continue to voice our opinion even on small issues like plastic covered food; together we can make a difference.
Does anyone have any other suggestions of places to find it in non plastic either in bulk or in smaller amounts?


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