A Little Bit of What You Fancy – Mustard and Marmite – Help anyone?


So, I was thrilled to wander up to the local shop – Beeches of Walkley and find a plastic free English Mustard.

My husband loves this stuff – he loves making honey and mustard sauces too and as we finished our last jar of mustard with a plastic lid I thought that was it. A wave goodbye to mustard. Alas, local wins once more as we find a plastic free option which will be thoroughly enjoyed in the Maxwell household.

image3 (4)

I know it has an elastic band but I figure I can reuse this!

However, it is with sadness we have got to the bottom of the Marmite jar. And when I say sadness, this is only sad for one of us – me. I am a lover of Marmite whereas my fella is…the opposite. I love Marmite – it fixes my salt cravings when I get them and savoury cravings. I love the stuff. However, I have yet to find one without a plastic top and wondered if anyone out there knew of one?

I love the original Marmite but am willing to give alternatives a go so long as they come in plastic free packaging.

So this is a plea – can anyway find me some plastic free Marmite which means I don’t have to say goodbye to one of my favourite spreads and things I would take to a desert island with me. Can you help?

Thanks folks!


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