Outside Wanderings – Lunch on the Go

A few weekends ago we spent a rather pleasant weekend with some friends in London. We had our take everywhere water bottles at the ready but went not knowing exactly what we would end up buying and eating which as folks trying to go non plastic is all about faith.

Well we need not have even given it a second thought. London it turns out has begun, in certain areas at least, to already catch on to the idea of being able to eat out, even street food using totally non plastic as an option. Now I am not saying it is in abundance but we didn’t have to work too hard to find some good grub out and about.

One place we went to which I totally get why my friend loves is Borough Market, near London Bridge. Full of flavours and colours, including cheese not wrapped in plastic we spent a while here just enjoying the atmosphere before buying some grub.

image1 (9)
Such a wonderful market – full of plastic free buying options. Love to go back with some more cash and means of carrying the good home

And lunch was easy! I didn’t take a photo of my lovely scotch egg, rocket and sweet potato chips in a cardboard box with wooden forks but I did take one of my meat loving turned pescatarian-at-home husband’s lunch – a fab pie, again with no plastic attached to it on buying.

image2 (6)
My fella, tucking into a plastic-free pie 🙂 

Now, recognising that in the process stage these foods may have had plastic involved, we felt these lunches were overall a good step forward in the reduction of plastic wastage. Cutting plastic out at every stage is a good long term aim but reducing it towards the end of the line is a good place to start. Little things like non plastic cutlery is huge when you think about how many people regularly buy lunch out and how much of a waste of plastic is in cutlery that is used for less than ten minutes.

It was great to not be “awkward” the friends who make it almost impossible to eat out on the hoof. I would love to see more street vendors across the country looking at ways of creating more sustainable on the hoof food. As much as I am a massive fan of encouraging folks to sit and take a break as I reckon that is overall good/better in a culture that encourages a fast pace of life, realistically we all have to get food on the go sometimes. Therefore I really love seeing people taking this need seriously alongside the need to try and limit waste and damage to the earth.

Overall, we had a fun and fab trip which included some great home-cooked grub. It really was great to visit our friends and it not being hard going there as people trying to be non-plastic as much as possible! 


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