Eco-friendly Gift Giving

Finding eco-friendly gifts is always a challenge. Sometimes you can spot them out and about and just have good look (I love it when this happens!). However sometimes it is an online job due to lack of options on the high-street.

Here are a few good sites I want to recommend (and apologise if you then know where your birthday/ xmas gift is coming from!). Not all these sights are completely plastic free but many either use recycled plastic or alternative materials. I would recommend for plastic free livers reading details and asking for no plastic to be sent in the packaging. Have a look if you too are keen to shop for gift a little more eco-conscious:

1. Protect the Planet  – what I like is that this has budget awareness and so offers gifts at different price ranges. They recycle some cool things including tyres and firehoses. They also have a go with lighting using Gin bottles alongside at the less expensive end some cool stationary and glass/dinner set stuff.

2. Nigels Ecostore  – this is a great one for cardboard toys for kids – so they have a cardboard dolls house and a cardboard tee-pee on here. They also have lots of different types of Bamboo socks (also available at a fair number of Fairtrade shops on the high street). He does fair-trade sneakers (made with rubber and cotton) that would go down for most teens/adults. I also like how this store tries to tell you with each Fairtrade products where the good originate and what the Fairtrade Premium pays for.It does have some plastic products – e.g. wind up torches (ethical as the don’t use batteries) but equally have a number of recycled plastic goods (such as iphone covers) and have a number of non plastic gifts.

3.Green Tulip Sells garden related gifts, candles, purses and handbags. Some cheap finds, though largely at the pricey end of gift giving. A good place to look if there is a thing you have in mind for that special someone/ close family and friends.

It has some gifts again that include plastic but also a number that don’t. Really interesting range of cooking spice gift sets – one at £14. They also do individual spices at £1.50 in largely glass containers (though I suspect have the inner ring of plastic/rubber).

This shop Fairtrade jewellry at reasonable prices. What I like is you can tick box your priorities – e.g. you can tick sustainable gifts as being important and shop using this format.

4. Natural Collection  . This sells lots of different types of tea with some definitely being suitable for gifts – such as the 72 sachets in a metal tin for under £12.

The clothing on here various in price a lot. Largely there are some decent finds but bear in mind ethical clothing that is Fairtrade and Organic won’t be as cheap as clothing which is neither of these things. Jewellery is similar – made of recycled goods – there are some things around the £10-20 mark but equally a lot of things above this.

Jute bags on here are reasonable (under £10) and I think looks pretty decent sizes.

Their sunglasses interested me a lot but are prices looking around the £45 mark but they are made from recycled plastic and bamboo – so if you are looking to sustainably source your next pair look here.

There self-labelled gift section has a decent range of gifts for under a £10 so worth a look. This includes Vegan nail polish (£9.95 but with a plastic lid), notebooks, chocolate, tea, mango coasters, Eco-coffee cup and recycled lunch boxes as just some of the products on offer.

Again there are plastic products but also plenty of plastic free ones and ones that use recycled plastics so worth a look.

5. Green Shop  Harder to shop than the rest as seems a more clunky website. However some good finds. They do Fairtrade, recycled paper chains for £2.95 though they are wrapt in plastic (which is a shame). Wooden glider kits for £5, Pirate Snap for under a £5. There are also a good range of incense sticks and candles.

Again plastic products though a number of non-plastic ones too.

6. Tradecraft So I add this on with reluctance as I would encourage you first to see if there is a Fairtrade shop near you first. However, if not this is a good go to for ethical fairly trade goods. Again some things are plastic but many things are made of metal and wood. For kids there are things that are typically around the £10 that can go below this when in sale. They have a great gifts for life section – which are fab for people you know have everything already – as they get a voucher saying how they have helped another person. Starting from £10.

Hope these maybe of help to you. Let me know where you are getting plastic free gifts from as the more knowledge we have the better! What are your priorities when gift giving? Feel free to comment below…



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