Holidays – plastic free nightmare

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So, planning to go on holiday has already been a real challenge already to my plastic free life!

We are lucky to be blessed with the opportunity to go and see some good friends get married in Brazil and visit another friend who lives over there whilst in the country but I would be naive if I didn’t think this meant I was about to start consuming some serious amounts of plastic.

So far we have avoided buying plastic for these items which we would usually need for a holiday abroad:





I already had all of these things and are currently planning to keep them as long as possible. The shaver I am taking away is not my metal one (see earlier blog post) but an old one with a detachable head. I now prefer the metal one so this will be an interesting switch back.

I have bought these things:

A 2-in-1 – so less covering of plastic –  blackout sleep mask and earplugs (I can’t sleep if someone snores and am headed straight to a hen do on my return so need the sleep).

Mosquito nets

Mosquito Spray

The first could be consider a luxury item (I thought for a long time how much I needed them). I decided to buy them and try and keep the two items for as long as possible (forever) and can see times when I will be using them in the future.

The other two items I have bought almost come under medical (I feel) though not quite. Brazil has mosquitoes and boy do they love me, so they are kinda necessary…but still don’t feel great to buy,

And then there is the plane…and the issue of water…

So again I would be naive in thinking the plane journey over to Brazil isn’t going to be a plastic filled experience – the plane itself is, the food will be, the drinks. It’s funny but since trying to give up plastic it doesn’t feel great buying anything that is plastic even if it can’t be helped. For instance, I can’t take on my own food but with such a long flight I will need food. Similarly, the plane is the only way to get out there really within the set time-frame.

The easy solution would be not to go but I want to live a plastic “freeish” lifestyle that is sustainable for me and manageable a life that others look at and go that amount of living without plastic is possible and appealing, rather than that life looks just like hard work and totally impossible. Also, I want to see my friends get married and I see it as a chance to see another good friend. I feel that I can (just) about justify this long haul flight ( which is equally terrible for the environment in its fuel consumption)…or maybe I am just kidding myself because I really want to go.

I guess we all make choices and this holiday away is a choice I made – it means plastic will be more in my life in the next week and a bit than it has been for the last three months which will be strange.

I am also unsure about the water there . My brother-in-law who is a water engineer did recommend plastic bottled water as the way to go as did my friend currently living out there. I am listening to their advice whilst still packing my (empty) water bottle on the chance I find another solution.

I will let you know how I get on but I suspect there will be a culture shock for me in more ways than just the obvious one…I will blog about it on my return.  Brazil here we come!


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