A Few Fun Finds

So over the last few days I have managed to have a good browse around the shops (in Sheffield) and I am pleased and surprised to say that I have found a fair few non plastic/ plastic reducing options out there that seem to be new (or are at least new to me!)


image1 (22)

This is a glass water bottle with a largely wooden lid (though there is some plastic on the inside of the lid) It isn’t cheap (over a £10) but is a good size, a little weightier than a plastic one would be but I quite like it (understatement – I love it!! But totally don’t need it). It may be slightly heavier but it is a good step to a more affordable plastic reducing water bottle (especially if you don’t like the metal types).

Body Shop

So I used to love the Body Shop but since going plastic free I have found it quite a challenge. However, last time I went in I found this:


image2 (13)
At the bottom of the image: Hemp soap (left) Hemp soap holder (Right)

It is totally frivolous for many people – but this is a hemp soap holder which if you don’t have a metal tin is a great way to travel using soap rather than plastic packaged shampoo/conditioner/bodywash. I thought it was a great step from the Body Shop in encouraging folks to use soaps over other options!


So in the past I have enjoyed looking at their felt covered soaps and admired their ability to host a range of options when it comes to bathroom products. This one caught my eye by chance as I was imagining how hard it would be to update aspects of my current make-up bag. This however looks like a great option. So Eco aren’t a company I have heard of but I think I need to learn a little more about them. All of this product is sustainably sourced – with no sign of plastic (corn starch window) and I love the detail of their ink being made from vegetables!! Check them out!

I just wanted to share a bit of enthusiasm as sometimes musing and shopping as a person attempting to live a non-plastic attempt can be a bit off putting – but there are some great gifts to be bought out there. Let me know anything you have found which makes you equally enthusiastic!


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