Simple switches and simple ideas

I am very blessed by many loving family and friends. One particular friend called Sally recently sent me a very plastic-free parcel part of which contained some beautiful home-made bags.

image1 (29)

I love how unique they are and how easy they fit into my smaller handbag. They are perfect for my everyday shopping and are a very simple thing to include in my daily life when it comes to avoiding the plastic carrier bag.

I just wanted to share with you guys this wonderful website my mum found: – which has the tagline Sociable. Guerrilla. Bagging. My mum plans to start being part of the movement too – go mum! You can form groups – called Pods – and make this a real social gathering or just go for it on your own whilst being part of a worldwide movement.

The idea behind Morsbags are very simple. It is about spreading and sharing out green bags – made of things we already have like old bed linen – stuff that has come to the end of its life in its current form.

I love the simplicity of it and plan myself to have a go at this once all essays are in and I have relocated in June/July time.

We al know that plastic bags aren’t great – they also now cost us money! So I wanted to share this very simple resource as a great way of making a nice gift for a friend or stranger and is just one way of making that one simple change that reduces our reliance on and consumerism of plastic.



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