Plastic Fails


So when I first told my husband that I planned to give up plastic he was very supportive but wasn’t fully on board. However, as he himself started to look around and realise exactly how much plastic there is out there he has joined me. As he said, as we stood in a large supermarket looking at all the fruit,veg and juice – ‘This is unsustainable’…

However, that is not to say we haven’t bought plastic. We have. A lot of it has been done in genuine error, largely through a lack of awareness/brain switched on. However, I think it only highlights how hard it ACTUALLY IS to live a completely NON PLASTIC LIFESTYLE as we near the end of our second month trying.

So far we have bought the following, all of which contain plastic:

2 pens

1 folder

1 pizza (we read the label and no mention of plastic, turns out all bought pizza will have plastic wrapping the pizza)

1 packets of Quorn mince (again read through and didn’t mention it contained plastic as it was wrapped in an outer cardboard package)

1 fish pie (again outer cardboard but had a plastic cover inside)

Several bits of packaging has been plastic.

3 fudge wrappers (came with the non plastic shaver)

So these are the things we remember buying and failing over. There are probably far more! We have also bought plastic things for beer/wine making but are significantly lowering how much we need to buy in relation to this.

Things we really miss that are plastic wrapped:

  • Quorn mince
  • Quorn chicken pieces
  • Baked Beans (inside layer on a tin)
  • Noodles

Trying to live without plastic is hard. It is enjoyable in that you believe in what you are doing but the moments when all you want are things like noodles which are typically wrapped in plastic it is then it feels very challenging.

However, for us continuing to buy throwaway plastic (especially) is just not sustainable. Our seas are being filled with them. I worry about what the equivalent of my grandkids generation will be left with if we keep up our current rate of buying throwaway plastic. I invite you next time you’re in a big supermarket to just stop and look…it really does make you think.


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