Plastic Free Washing Up Options.


So, it got to the point towards the end of January where the sponges were manky and had to go and the fun scrubbing brush given to me at my hen do just frankly looked sad. So I decided to go out and buy plastic free replacements. Was I successful?

Well yes, if you don’t count the packaging.

I bought My Wooden Scrubbing Brush off ebay from this seller  – I actually cannot remember whether this came in any plastic packaging, I suspect it did. Again all I can say is contact them and ask them to avoid plastic in packaging. The brush itself is excellent (I bought two so I have one to replace the other eventually and to save on packaging). It scrubs off stains/hard stuff really well.

I bought Organic Hemp Yarn off a seller on ebay. She sadly hasn’t got this as a listing any more. This one came in plastic free packaging as I recall. I choose Hemp after reading about it being naturally mildew resistant and that it can be thrown in the washing machine. I have to say I like this. I knitted a small square which is my only regret, next time I knit it will be a far bigger piece as it almost seems to shrink when added to water, so bear this in mind if you go down this option – knit bigger than you need. It is a tough material naturally and so you can scrub stuff pretty well (works in a similar way to the top of a sponge which has a rougher texture to it). I also love the fact I can re-wash it – it keeps the germs at bay and in this sense is a far more hygienic option than the throwaway sponges that you can buy. I would recommend this for knitters as a good alternative.

I also bought some white dishclothes (I decided not to over-work my poor knitting skills) from the ethical superstore:—pack-of-5/

Again these have been great and are good to go to be washed, which again makes them a cleaner option than the bought sponges. For knitters out there you can equally just make your own by buying the yarn from most standard knitting shops. The only disappointment with this product was that I bought this and some toilet rolls and they came in a cardboard box which contained some plastic protection padding. I have written them a polite letter (see last post) to enquire this was the case as it seems totally unnecessary for all soft products. However in terms of the product I can happily recommend.

So my swap from plastic based to non plastic based has been (bar packaging issues) very smooth. I prefer the scrubbing brush in terms of feel and strength and like the fact I can keep my cleaning cloths cleaner. Overall the flat contains a happy and arguably cleaner kitchen.




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