Fancy a Lent Challenge – Make a Plastic Free Pancake and Maybe Begin a Plastic Free Lent…

So, today is Shrove Tuesday, the day when we traditionally feast before we begin a Lenten Fast of some form or another. In recent years Christians and non Christians alike have used Lent as a period to change aspects of their life – some giving up things with others taking on challenges of some form or another.

Recently I was added by a friend called Sally to a group that has decided to use the season of Lent to give up plastic. It is a wonderful thing to journey along with other on this non-plastic journey, even if only for 40 days. Doing things in community with others is always a source of joy and inspiration. I am learning so much from this group, enjoying their enthusiasm but also the stages each member is going through in realising the challenges of living without plastic, whilst learning all the time from articles and posts shared of the way plastic is just not good for our planet.

So I wondered if anyone fancied having a go at making a non-plastic pancake and maybe for lent having a go at giving up plastic? I am not going to say this would be an easy challenge but I think it will change your perspective on plastic forever.

To start you off I figured a helpful non-plastic inspired pancake recipe may tempt you towards this challenge: (based on Delia Smith’s Winter Collection – via Beanie’s our local whole-food Co-op), makes around 12-14 pancakes in a 7inch (18cm) pan , makes 10 in an 8 inch (20cm) pan:

4oz (110g) plain flour

2 large eggs

200ml/ 7 fl oz milk and 75 ml / 3 fl oz water

2oz (50g) butter  

First of all sift the flour into a large mixing bowl and sieve. Now make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it. Whisk eggs and mix flour together.

Gradually add in milk and water mixture. Whisk until all lumps and batter is smooth.

Now melt butter in the pan. Spoon 2 tablespoons of it into the batter and whisk it in, then pour the rest into a bowl and use it when needed to lubricate the pan.

Get the pan really hot, then turn it down to medium. Not do a test pancake to make sure the batter is the right thickness (this maybe has to be eaten by the chef ;))

As soon as batter hits the pan, move it round the pan so that the whole of the bottom of the pan is evenly covered. It should take around 30 seconds to cook – then flip with a palette knife. Cook the other side for a few seconds – then empty onto a plate.

Service and choose your choice of toppings. As you can see we have gone healthy 😉

image1 (14)

Lemon, Sugar, Chocolate spread, chocolate (you always need more chocolate 🙂 )

So anyone fancy joining me and the folks in the Lent group in giving up plastic for Lent? 


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