For my male and female friends who want to shave without always using disposable plastic razors

My experience

I know the ultimate hippy thing to do would have been to go for the no shaving option. I have a fair number of friends I admire who do this but if I am being honest it just isn’t me. I like shaving – it makes me feel good. Simple as that.

So, I needed to find a non-plastic way for this and wanted to give it time before writing a blog on it so that I could tell you all the pros and cons. I have been using my shaver for just over a month now and am a total convert – I love it and definitely prefer it to my traditional shaver – it shaves closer and lasts longer.

What am I using? – Well I didn’t go for the throat cut razor (I am not that brave) but instead I went for one which didn’t feel too far from my Venus razor. I bought from the Traditional Shaving company and went for the Classic Open Comb 15C Safety Razor Chrome at £22.95 as a shaver as it was fairly cheap and looked fairly simple. Also, I decided to go for the Razor Blade Sample Pack which gave you 7 brands of blade with 5 blades in each – as I figured that would last me a long time and I could learn what I brand I preferred. It also brought me just over the total of £30 for free shipping costs. At the end of my order I asked for no plastic to be sent in my package.

I did get it in a cardboard box, although I did also get in the box polystyrene (grr) and 3 free random fudge (wrapped in plastic). I have to say I don’t feel I could have predicted the fudge but I maybe should have considered the polystyrene keep safe protective layers – so just bear this in mind if you buy from these guys, although I guess long term it is going to be reducing your plastic, so in this sense I totally recommend them.

image2 (12)
Shaving Jar 🙂


So any issues with the Shaver?

So I did cut myself the first time I used it in the bath (rather than shower). I think this was because I was slightly too relaxed and had got overconfident (used it several times no issue). I figure it is a bit like when you first start shaving though and you do get a few cuts – it was no biggie. Since then no cuts – and a smoother shave definitely.

The handle is slightly less long on this model than say on a Venus standard one – but you get used to this and I found it not to be an issue at all. One thing to bear in mind is that it may unscrew through use (you will know when this happens and to re-screw it you simply turn it the opposite way). I wouldn’t personally call this a problem but want to warn folks that it can happen when shaving – but it won’t cause you any harm.

It is heavier than a standard plastic razor – which I quite like – but bear this in mind when using in plastic baths – I have dropped it several times in it with no smashing consequences 😉 but just remember it is heavier.

Any problems with the blades?

So far I have only used the one it came with (pretty good going I think for someone who uses it several times a week). Putting the blade on is pretty simple – you unscrew it place it on and then screw it back on. I have yet to discover if there is any particular way I need to dispose of the blades – as am cautious about putting it directly into my recycling bin. I am inclined to keep the disposed blades and when needed wing an email to the recycling point and ask.

From the pack I bought only these ones have no plastic v. thin covering – Astra, Gillette 7 O’Clock, New Lord Platinum and Shark – on the picture they are the ones on the bottom of the image. The ones on the top all have a very thin layer of plastic on them. Next time I will be buying only from these sets. 

image1 (11)
Blades at the top – covered in plastic layer. Blades at the bottom – card 


As you can see I am keeping mine in a jam jar, high up in my bathroom. I do this for safety – we don’t have kids but I don’t want any visit kids cutting themselves on it. I also keep the blades in there for ease/ safety.


I showed my folks when I first bought my shaver – they were visiting and I was excited. They both commented on how my grandpa/father used to use them before the plastics came along. It is ironic a lot of the things I am replacing plastic with were once used by the generations before. Personally I am not sure why plastic razors took over – other than them being lighter I personally can’t see them as being superior but that is just my opinion. I am very happy with my hopefully life-long razor – which over time will be cheaper 🙂


Buying from England  – £34.99, – Prices start from £40 – Prices start from £22 Where I bought from and can recommend – check that the content is all non plastic as this company has a variety of handles. Also ask for nothing wrapped in plastic/ protected by plastic instead – perhaps be specific and explain fully you are wanting to give up plastic completely! – These guys seems to do a travel safety protection kit, although I would still wish people to check before they travel (by plane), if they can travel with this kind of a blade even in their suitcase (in theory I think you can – however it maybe one of the times when you have to go plastic/keep your last plastic razor especially for those times when you take hand luggage)

Want more choices – This is an independent article which is several years old but is a good starting point if non of the stocks above appeal Oddly one Facebook recommended to me! Seems to cost £16 and looks to be all metal – but limited information from my perspective against the other sights – Buying from Europe – Prices start around the 45 euro mark. Good place to look too for if you aren’t happy to just shave with soap (what I do) as have some wooden-looking contained shaving options.



  1. One comment Claire
    Be wary of rust

    I’d recommend keeping the unused wrapped blades in a room other than your bathroom (eg in your undies draw in bedroom) and only the razor itself and the blade you are using in the bathroom

    My dad had that kind of razor most of his life, switching to disposables only in the last few years. He’d use a disposable many times (often for a month) and was shocked when he was told by a peer they considered them once usable! and disposed of them after using once!!!

    I love it that you are raising to the challenge in many different areas and taking us with you on your journey!


  2. I can vouch for that razor. When I do get around to shaving, I shave with this. Lovely. I chose this open comb on account of being lazy and having a great big bushy beard because it is suposed to be better for longer hair, wheras if I shaved everyday I would probably have gone with the closed comb. There are also longer handle options of essentially the same razor if anyone wanted that, but I know that I like the shorter handle. It’s all personal preference really, but safety razors are defineatly better than disposable… by a long way. It will be a long time before you run out of blades, but I use feather and they seem to be highly rated online. Bit of Alum as aftershave balm. (Good as deoderant too, and plastic free)


  3. Maybe consider getting a sharps box for the blades…safe & hygienic. You can get a sharps box from your doc or local pharmacy. Alternativly ask a trad barber for advice.


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