Having a play with non-plastic Glue

So I actually planned to keep using Glue (from plastic containers) as a way of making my own cards (as so many bought cards are wrapped in a plastic covering – grrr!). However a friend called Ava told me a very simple recipe which I had to give a go.

0.25 cup of flour

0.25 of water

pinch of salt (I don’t think this made a massive difference).

I don’t know why I haven’t discovered this before – it is so much easy with kids too (no worries if they eat it!). The key is to equal the amount of flour with water – so you can reduce it to whatever amount you actually need.

And I found it pretty good as a glue. I admit I got a bit messy (but I am a naturally messy person) – so next time I wouldn’t do this on the floor but on a table (my carpet will be relieved). I would also make a smaller amount (I only made a few cards). It comes out more like the wet PVA type glue than pritt stick so less is definitely more. I used a spoon/ my fingers to spread it on – it was messy – you may want kitchen towel to hand. But it worked and I think they look pretty good:

image1 (6).JPG
You can see the bits of glue in front of the cards – but it comes off with a bit of scrubbing!







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