Sheffield based Resources

These are only places I have found so far and am really happy to add to this list with other peoples recommendations – if people can tell me what non-plastic products are found there even better! Feel free to comment below. The idea is that this is a resource for us all. I will keep adding to it as I keep discovering places in and around the city. 

Food Products and Places

Lembas  – Really good all-rounder for basics (supplies Beanies – below) ideal for those happy to buy things in bulk as a plastic reducing option. However, they have admitted that this non plastic challenge will be hard, as most products in bulk are wrapped in plastic. But have welcomed me to come and visit them which I intend to do soon.

 Beanies Based in the Crookesmore area. So far I have found it sells Loo Roll which is not wrapped in plastic. You can buy vegetables which are plastic free and they sell the natracare sanitary products. 

Just Natural  – Good place in Crookes. Can get plastic free vegetables and can take your containers up and get things like lentils, dried fruit without having to buy them in packets!

Beeches of Walkley – this is an amazing shop. They are letting me put things from the freezer (like pain au chocolate) into brown paper bags – I then transfer to other containers before freezing 😉 Really helpful store. If you tell them you are going non- plastic they are happy to work with you.

Aldi I have, from a friend called Sarah, found that you can get aldi home-brand weetabix that is plastic free. So I recommend this for cereal 🙂 If you like weetabix. Equally you can make your own museli/ granola (which I hope to do soon too) 

Farmfoods, Hillsborough 141-147 Bradfield Rd, Sheffield S6 2BY – They sell a surprising number of Linda McCartney frozen cardboard only products so well worth a look if you are in this area. Be careful with some things – such as their quorn spag bol which we bought in faith (first spag bol quorn we had seen in a cardboard box) that turned out to have plastic inside it. But they have the usual – so the sausages, but also have quorn chicken in various forms too. They also sell a lot of cardboard covered fish produce.

Gerry’s Bakery and Coffee House – 299 South Road, Walkley – sells Bread 🙂 and is a coffee house, need I say more?

The Baker’s Shop – 175 Howard Road, Sheffield, S6 3RU – Sells Bread as well as Veggie/Vegan pies as well as the usual meat pies too.  

Sheffield Skin Care Company in Crookes – Lovely plastic-free soap, wooden soap dishes and bamboo wash mits, some non-plastic facials (in metal tubs) – really worth having a look at their website or visiting the shop at Crookes at 243 Crookes, Sheffield S10 1TP

Urban Pantry Sheffield  – 227 Crookes, Sheffield – Sells olives (just take your own container), bread from Gerry’s Bakery, olive oils, Jarred Preserves – as well as a variety of plastic covered products. Also a great coffee house too

Louro – Sheffield Moor Market – As recommended by a follower of the blog – this sells rice in paper bags for £2 or scoop your own from a tub. Also have pulses such as green and red lentils and some types of beans. A great little find! 

New Roots – 347 Glossop Road, S10 2HP – not for profit shop that sells loose fruit and veg alongside other products. One great thing is that they offer a peddle-powered delivery service of fruit and veg that comes in a cardboard box – a great way for folks wanting to go plastic free but not having lots of time. – Check out there website here, what they offer and how their veg boxes work.

Down to Earth – 406 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield S11 8ZP – As recommended by a follower of the blog. (There is a link below which does it loads of justice) – has the usual veg, fruit but also sells loosed muesli and apparently nothing is wrapped in plastic – it is all biodegradable stuff – sounds like a must for those living in and around this area.

Multi-purpose products

 Wilkos –  I friend called Jen found Bi-Carbonate of Soda you can get in a non-plastic wrapping 🙂 so just useful for cleaning/ deodorant…a many thing type product 

Bathroom Bits

Lush  in Sheffield. Basically great for non plastic shampoos, conditioners and deodorants. Sadly stopped doing toothpaste in cardboard (as found it got too wet in bathrooms). They do however take in your black plastic tubs and recycle them (and encourage you to do so – for every five black tubs you bring in you get a free face mask)  



  1. I am so happy to have discovered this blog and I would like to share two tips!

    Food: There’s now a stall in the Moor Market selling dried lentils, beans and basmati rice loose in big tubs – you take the quantity you want in a paper bag or in your own container. It’s called Louro:

    Toiletries: It’s reeeeeally hard to find plastic-free nailbrushes, but I found some wood/sisal nailbrushes yesterday in the bathroom section of Atkinsons, priced £1.99.


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