Plastic free/ Plastic Reducing Products

As I start to use these products I will be reviewing them and do price comparisons- with what I enjoyed about them. For now they are a list of links that people have suggested or I have found. Currently I don’t have kids so can’t review the child based products but am hoping some readers out there might be inspired to have a go and can let me know and comment and review!

Mostly all are plastic free or at least plastic reducing. Some may have to be asked to not come in plastic – but that is just a quick email away or as a comment on your order! Happy Buying.

For School


Lunchboxes:  or (to buy Lunchbots lunchboxes – alternatives to plastic aren’t cheap. These seem to the cheapest I have found so far:  (I hope to invest in the future and review) But because they are coming from America you are looking at around £10 shipping cost so you might want to wait for a sale 🙂

Waterbottle ($32 dollars plus shipping)

Waterbottle  This is cheaper but not completely plastic free the bottle is glass but the lid is plastic. However, the plastic lid  is BPA free (which means it is potentially better for your health). Potentially a good compromise for some people out there. (£11 plus postage)

For Babies

Washable Cloths:

Green Nappies you live in the North East of England they are happy to give you a try before you buy go!

Advice from my friend Emma is that nappies sometimes need a wash a few time to reach their full asborbancy

Food Based/ Related Products

Straws – for straws £6.99 for a set of three

Tupperware that is non plastic, lunchboxes, wooden kitchen utensils evt. An American store (so be aware of postage)

Chewing Gum  – Vegan friendly too. $2.99 per pack but again you are ordering outside of Britain so remember packaging costs.

Bathroom Based Products


Toothbrushes– starting at £3 each or £8 for 3.

Toothbrushes – £3.79 with a choice of soft or medium strength bristle

For Shampoos, Conditioners and Deodrants it has to be Lush – all not in plastic. Also, they are happy to recycle your black plastic tubs too – so please return them to the shop!

For Cotton Buds or

Skincare has a plastic free range and sends in plastic free packaging.

For Periods

Again advice is that to get full absorbency from some of these sanitary towel products you may need to wash them – though I personally found them fine from the off!


Underwear from Bamboo (women’s start at £2.50, men’s start at £10), they also do Socks


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