First Fail…and the Basics – Milk, Bread and Chocolate

So, I have to record my first fail. After walking around 4 areas of the city I could not find Milk 😦 I was gutted but in reality we love our tea, have a guest staying and basically realised we had to get some in until our milkman could set us off on the better road. It is hard buying plastic so early on, but I think it just shows how challenging not buying plastic is in England today.

Thankfully our milkman delivered his first set of milk this morning…so hopefully that is our last plastic milk bottle whilst in Sheffield.

image2 (1)
The milk 😦 

Some of our happier experiences.

I was happy to discover some chocolate I can have which I love! I know there are others out there including Poppets and Divine (both of which are awesome) but after walking all over (trying to find milk) my joy of going in a local shop to discover Toblerone was fantastic. Our house is now  enjoying this plastic free treat.

image1 (1)

Lastly, we have re-discovered our bread maker. Two loafs in, it is undeniably more effort but it does taste good and smells amazing when it is baking. It is also cheaper by far! Our bread is in production, but once I am back studying and away two night a week (beginning next week)  this maybe more of a challenge to keep up!

image1 (2)



  1. This is a really interesting experiment and one that has really got me thinking. Today I purchased new bed sheets all wrapped in unnecessary layers of plastic. I have however been using a milkman for the past 5 years; convenient, good for the environment and local economy. I look forward to reading more!



  2. I have always used a milkman and love the glass bottles but recently on a dairy free challenge and now buying milk alternatives I now have all these tetra-packets. Good luck with your challenge 😉


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