The first few items have been bought…and we have organised a Milkman


I have been overwhelmed by the number of friends (and strangers) who have encouraged me in my attempt to try and go plastic free as part of a New Year’s Resolution. Last Year it was all about stopping wearing odd socks (and at the time that seemed hard) but this one I suspect will prove to be even more of a challenge.

So far I have started to follow up friends recommendation, ordered a few bits (blog posts on those items to follow) and am starting to do more and more research, reading round folks who have been doing this for years.

I also did my first lot of deliberate non plastic purchases 🙂

So my trip to Lush was in some ways a bit of a cheat! I already buy my shampoo there (and had to do a re-stock of my conditioner). However, I went in for my first lip balm (very nice – but the sticker on the back may in all honesty have a bit of plastic on it) Which cost me the same price as an average lip balm and comes in a recyclable tin (winning).

I also bought my first deodrant (the logic being if it doesn’t work/ I don’t like it) I still currently have enough of my old one to work it out!Fingers crossed it will though as it smells soooo good and was helpfully cut to fit my tin.

Other purchases (bread flour) – we have managed to retrieve the bread maker from the back of the cupboard and now have a nice smell of freshly made bread. I do wonder how long we manage to keep it up when life gets busy but a good start for now.

Vegetables (nominal paper bag so you get the idea). We bought around 5 items in Beanies (local independent shop) which with the bread flour cost just over £7 which, although not cheap felt reasonable.

And last but not least…my most favourite new, never bought before purchase (as recommended by the Clines household):


How awesome is that! Introducing Ecoleaf Toilet roll not wrapped in plastic but made from potato starch. And it only cost us £2, which at 50p a role seems to be a fairly good comparison of price! Very happy (and relieved we have found some).

Finally I have just ordered our first lot of glass bottled milk to be delivered by our local milkman called Richard…and it only costs 50p per pint with three home deliveries a week! Cannot believe it and am so relieved after literally walking all over different parts of Sheffield.

So far it seems to be going overall O.K…. Next challenge, finding non-wrapped in plastic pasta


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