So it is a New Year and a New No Plastic Resolution

The Challenge

So this is really the beginning of discovering how easy it is to live without plastic in England . I am currently based in Sheffield and am looking forward to discovering places to find my non plastic options. 

I am wanting to do this because I hope to discover several things including:

  • How reliant upon plastic I am in my everyday living
  • How much plastic has become part of our commercial world
  • To learn what alternative are out there and to be able to make more informed choices
  • To learn if there are financial costs to trying to live this slightly greener lifestyle or if it is in fact cheaper/ a similar price.

There are simple rules I have allowed myself to ease myself in:

  • If I have something plastic already I can use it up and re-use it (for example I use Ecover products which I can just refill)
  • If it is something essential like toilet roll that I can’t get without plastic covering I will be aiming to get recycled plastic covered ones
  • I can have a plastic toothbrush and paste until I need to buy new ones. Then I will be having a look at Bamboo options and probably Lush toothpaste / one with the least plastic on.
  • If I need medicine that is in plastic I am allowing that my health is important.

However… I cannot

  • Buy anything new other than the mentioned above
  • This means all food needs to be plastic free
  • All pens (I am a student so this is potentially a challenge)

My get out clause: 

  • Although I will be doing my utmost I am only human. This space is to blog about the trying and in all likelihood the challenges and failures of living without plastic.


The sites so far I have found helpful for those wanting to try and do the same:


One comment

  1. Fantastic challenge Claire.
    Do keep us updated on the successes and the most challenging aspects too …and if and how they were faced

    I was thinking toothpicks today …I use those little plastic ones with the plastic wiry ends. Wooded ones can’t do the job and floss is too tricky (and plastic anyway) … I suspect those are something I would choose to exclude from the challenge …though can campaign against their packaging. Each new 30 come in new plastic box. So unnecessary.


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